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Trains, buses, ferries, gypsies, welsh men, hostels

Does "buses" have one "s" or two?

But more importantly, here I am at an internet cafe in Co. Wexford, Ireland.  So for any of you who were wondering if I actually made it to Ireland, well, I did.  But that's not to say it wasn't a long, rather uncertain trip to get here.  I left Cardiff at 7am yesterday, took a bus to the train station, and caught the 8 o'clock to Haverfordwest, which I did completely on the advice of a random Polish guy who is a friend of Sally's.  Without ever looking at a map, or really even having a clue where Haverfordwest was, I jumped on a train there, then spent 2 1/2 hours traveling, and when I got there, spent another half hour wandering around looking for a bus to take me to Fishguard.  Eventually I found one, and in another half an hour of insane hurtling around tiny Welsh roads in the countryside, I found myself in Fishguard, waiting for a bus to take me to the ferry.  I got to the ferry 2 hours early (here was me worrying that I would miss it) and after an embarrassing escapade of trying to board with the crew, I finally made it onto the boat.  Which is a WHOLE other story.  
While on the boat, I was befriended by this Irish gypsy hippie occasionally homeless dude, who it later turned out had a HUGE crush on me.  So that was fun, but awkward, and eventually I just wanted to be left alone to write, but alas.  He lived in the forest for 4 years.  Which I thought was pretty damn cool.  So then after 4 hours on the sea, we came into port at Rosslare, where we got off the boat, and I caught a bus to Wexford, where lies the only hostel for kilometres, run by some German people.  Two very nice older Welsh men from the bus helped me find the hostel, and then after I dropped all of my stuff on my bed, I headed back to the pub to meet up with them, where they bought me a couple guinness and gave me all kinds of advice for traveling around Edinburgh, and made plans to meet up with me in their favourite pub in Dublin in a few days, where they said I can session and that its quite famous.  Now, I'm about to attempt to hitch to Dublin.  Wish me luck!


Adh mór. :D
1 s.

Ahhh... best of luck, dear heart. I wish I was there... xo

October 2008

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