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Tokyo, oh Tokyo

I just got back to Japan yesterday, and promptly passed out for 12 hours. Now I'm awake, showered the plane ickyness off of me, updated my calender and to-do list with my insane life, and started organising and planning my lessons and my stuff. Apparently, I've also been signed up for sundays in the park and the flea market with my roomie Rio, for which I am so excited I cannot even express it! I'm much more excited about my life in Tokyo over this next year, I've really started making it my home and I'd say about 80% of that is due to having Rio around!
I'll actually start updating with photos, so that I don't have to email them, this seems like the best way to keep my photos organised and share them!
Off for a day of cycling and the park!


You moved in with Rio? OMG, you two much be having so much fun together XD
Yeah it's a total blast! I LOVE Meguro, it's such a funky convenient cool place to live! Whats the newest news on on when you might be wandering back this direction?
So where are you guys living now?
We're living together in Meguro now! AAAAAAAAAAA I STILL have to give you back your suitcase! *facepalm* I'm sorry I've been such a terrible friend!

Yay You're Back!

Glad to have you back. Hope the travels cleans off nice.

Side note: naz says late May to early June.... I'll try to get a decent date soon, she has airline connection and waits til late to book usually... But yes. I'll look forward to fun times again.

Love and hugs,


How's that for coincidences? I'm in an airport lounge right now, and getting home and crashing for 12 hours sounds like a really good idea. (×_×)
Looking forward to those pictures. (^-^)
You guys missed kanamara matsuri?!?! NOOOOO!!! I demand bad photo shops of you with giant pink penises!

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