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Hitchhiking, buses again, Trinity College, getting lost, phone numbers that don't work, and busking

Well, here's the rundown.  I hiked (not so much hitched) for about an hour outside of Wexford (it took me a good half an hour just to get up the guts to stick my thumb out), and was finally picked up by a very country Irish couple, who I could barely understand (I thought they were speaking a different language at first), who drove me part of the way to Dublin while interrogating me about how my parents could let me go stay with a strange man in Dublin (they thought I was a total tramp, I think).  Eventually they dropped me off at a bus station and insisted that I take the bus the rest of the way, which I took as fate, and did.  Then about another hour towards Dublin, I realised that the phone number I had for Barrie, the guy I was supposed to stay with, didn't work.  So, after calling my mum and waking her up to check my email and see if I'd copied it right, I started to get worried.  I got into Dublin and the bus dropped me of at Trinity College, so I could look around the university while I tried to figured out what I wanted to do.  I wandered to an internet cafe, got info on some local hostels, put more money on my phone, and sat and wrote in my journal at a cafe, when finally I got a call from Barrie!  We worked out where to meet up, and went back to his house at about 7pm (I got into Dublin about 2pm).  He's such a great dude and host, he cooked dinner for us and we chatted for a bit and got to know each other (he was mortified because his roomie was a total dick to me, which I thought was hysterical), and then we decided to go out busking on Grafton street, and made a bit of money playing all kinds of different music.  We made friends with a crazy ?polish? guy who was training to be a cop- he was so loud and happy and played a mad violin and sang Louis Armstrong songs, and then some guy nicked his hat and he was suddenly simultaneously calling the cops, chasing the guy down the street, and screaming "I'm a fucking cop, I'm going to kill you!" in a really strong Polish accent.  Then Barrie and I walked the 40 minutes back to his house instead of catching a tram, and he pointed out all the haunted houses along the way.  What a guide.  We were busking until like 2am and there's a work crew building a house next door to him starting really early, so I didn't get much sleep last night.  Now I just finished wandering around looking for the pub to meet the Welsh guys, couldn't find it, so now I'm at an internet cafe just relaxing. 
Also, my back is freaking KILLING me after yesterday's escapade.  It's a cloudy rainy day (surprise) today, so I'm going to enjoy taking some photos and exploring the city a bit more, maybe buy a bumper sticker, and then go take a nap.  Tomorrow I'm stopping by Trinity and then off to Belfast.
On other news, so far I'm completely in love with Trinity and just Dublin in general, and they have taken the lead for first choice to study in.  Cardiff was much dirtier and I didn't really resonate with it well, but Dublin, I'm totally mad for Dublin.
Now I've got to buy my ferry ticket from Belfast.
Peace out!


Dublin is the grandest ever.

October 2008

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