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I arrived yesterday in Cardiff- I almost missed my plane to London, because I was stuck on the runway for ages coming into Chicago.  But I caught the plane, and while I was waiting to board for London, I made eye contact a few times with a guy who was carrying a backpack- interesting looking bloke, I thought, and then of course, I ended up sitting next to him on the flight.  So Jason and I spent the flight talking- he was on his way to meet his girlfriend in London and then they were headed to Morocco.  We traded lists of music for eachother to look into, and chatted about my studies and his work in the environment and ecologist.  I feel I learned a lot from him, and it was so nice to connect to a stranger so well.  We parted ways (a few times, because we kept running back into each other) in Heathrow, and I grabbed the tube to Victoria, where I got a coffee and found my bus to Cardiff.  I was waiting on the bus, and another guy boarded right as we were preparing to leave, I made eye contact with him, and he asked if he could sit next to me.  Of course I told him he was welcome to, and we chatted all the 3 1/2 hours to Wales.  He's the editor of a music magazine here in Cardiff, that focuses primarily on independant music/musicians, so we chatted about music and traveling (he traveled through India and Kashmir) and all sorts of things.  We also tossed around the idea of me freelancing for his magazine while I'm in Tokyo; basically going to shows and writing articles.  We'll see if that goes anywhere.  I'm off to meet him for a coffee in a few minutes.  Last night I went to see Tegan and Sara down at the bay (completely jet-lagged and only semi-conscious, a state that I'm still in somewhat) and they put on an awesome awesome really hysterical show.  I gave my extra ticket to Sally, the lovely woman who is putting me up while I'm in town, and we had a great time.  
Tomorrow I'm off, super early in the morning, to Fishguard- there are no buses, so I suppose I'm going to be hitchhiking.  I have to catch the ferry to Ireland by 2:30, so I'm going to be up super early to try and catch a ride.  Then I have no idea about my accomodations for tomorrow night, so there probably won't be another update for a few days!
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How was Tegan and Sara? I've always wanted to see them live!
Lining up possible freelance correspondence from Tokyo and then seeing a Canadian duo...in the capital of WALES?

Sounds like you're living in the ~*future.*~ :P

October 2008

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